Friday, January 30, 2015

"Resisting Gossip" in Sudan

This Summer, I received this eager note in my inbox:
Dear Pastor Matt,
I read your book Resisting Gossip this season and was overwhelmed again with the details, the challenge of this insidious vice as highlighted in the book and the very practicable study that goes with it.
I'm a missionary in South Sudan, working among the youth, to raise a new generation of God lovers, whose overriding priority will be Jesus and all He paid for and deserves to get.
Sir, I'd love to use this book to instruct the churches and disciples within my network in South Sudan.
Uche Izuora
South Sudan? How did he hear about my little book?  More importantly, how do we get some low cost books over there? I put Uche in touch with the great folks at CLC Publications, and it took a while, but they found a way.

Just this week, I learned this week that 50 copies of Resisting Gossip are making their way to Brother Uche Izuora and his ministry in South Sudan by way of a church in California who is sending a missions team with books distributed through their luggage. How exciting!


Uche wrote this post about gossip this Summer: How To Poison Someone Successfully.


I like Uche's metaphor comparing poison and gossip. That's a good read, too! Thanks for sharing!