Friday, September 09, 2016

Win a Copy of "Good & Angry" by David Powlison

It's hard to communicate how excited I am about this brand new book from David Powlison, Good & Angry, which officially releases on Monday.

I've been waiting 15 years for this book! 

Ever since I learned of the ministry of CCEF and the Journal of Biblical Counseling, I've been reading the excellent (though sporadic) articles that David has written on this difficult subject, and I've also heard him teach on it in person. And for all of those years, he's been promising a book-length treatment but has been providentially hindered from producing it. But now in 2016, Good & Angry has finally arrived!

Seeing Red

I haven't finished reading it, but I can already tell you that it's very good. David has a unique way of seeing and saying truth. He's both feisty and humble at the same time. He captures both the essence of anger and all of its contours. I think Andy Naselli nails it in calling David "the Yoda of biblical counseling," David is one of the wisest people when it comes to understanding how people tick and how the Word of God meets and changes them [I've been learning from and quoting him for years and years!].

Even the title says so much. I've been reading another pretty good book recently about how not to be personally offended, and I've been helped very much by it. But the author basically argues away the concept of righteous anger as a self-justifying fiction [see this excellent review of Unoffendable by my friend Benjamin Vrbicek]. Powlison, instead, would see anger redeemed and gives us biblical categories for understanding good anger (i.e. "the constructive displeasure of mercy").  Yet at the same time, Powlison never excuses sinful anger and constantlly offers helpful counsel for change.  [See this review by Tim Challies to get a fuller picture of the book's strengths.]

Not only does David break new ground, but he does it with gentleness and grace. He writes as one struggler to other fellow strugglers, and it feels like a personal conversation. I can hear his voice in every sentence. This book is biblical counseling at its best written by one its leading theorists and

Win One for Yourself!

Starting today, I'm offering a contest to win a free copy.

Entering this contest is very simple:

1. Leave a comment on this post (either here or on Facebook) with your name on it.

2. Wait to see if you win. I'll be drawing the names out of a hat. It's that easy! (Don't forget to check back or subscribe to updates to find out if you win--I'll need your mailing address if you do.)

You can also increase your chances of winning by posting about this contest on your social media page (FB, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, etc.). Just send me an email or leave a comment with the link so that I know that you've expanded the reach of the contest. For each time you link to the contest, you get your name added to the hat one more time (limit of 7 chances, the contest ends at 12am EST on Wednesday night, September 21st).

I'll announce the winner on Thursday.

But if you can't wait, order your copy today!


My wife is a BIG fan of David's (okay, I am too, but)... so I'm sure she will want to read his latest... which makes me soooooo angry! (ok, NOT- but, I anticipate the "Here, honey, you so need to read this!"). Dr Powlison is so good, no- gifted!

Thanks Matt, I am eager to read this book and discover the what is true about anger and our holy God. Thanks for offering it in a giveaway.

I'll be mad if I don't win.

I struggle with anger and I am hoping this book could help me.

Thanks, Matt! I'd love to be entered into your contest.

Thanks for the opportunity! Sounds like a great resource. Please enter me into the contest!

Awesome! I would love to win this! This is what I need to read too!

Looks like it's going to be a must-read, Matt. Thanks for the good post about it.
Champ Thornton

Thank you, everybody, for participating in the contest and telling others about it. I wish I had a free copy for each of you.

Brent Bodenhamer, you're our winner. Please send me your mailing address so that New Growth can get your book to the post office.