Thursday, December 29, 2016

Books I Read in 2016

This week, I've been posting about my top books and other really good books that I read in 2016.

Today, I'm posting the full list of books I completed* this year.

1. Settlers or Sojourners? by Marty Schoenleber, Jr. [Review]
2. Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins
3. Understanding Gender Dysphoria by Mark Yarhouse [EFCA Now Review]
4. Lost Children by Edith Pargeter
5. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
6. Jesus and the Land by Gary Burge
7. Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham
8. The Epistle to the Romans (NICNT) by Douglas Moo
9. The Epistle to the Romans (BNCT) by Thomas Schreiner
10. A Passion for God by Raymond Ortlund, Jr.
11. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
12. Holiday with Violence by Ellis Peters
13. Good Master by Kate Seredy
14. Jesus and the Jihadis by Craig Evans and Jeremiah Johnston
15. Last Bus to Wisdom by Ivan Doig
16. The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra by Vaseem Khan
17. As for Me and My House by Walter Wangerin, Jr. [Review]
18. The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin
19. The Breath of Peace by Penelope Wilcock
20. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and Mrs. Harris Goes to New York by Paul Gallico
21. Murder on the Leviathan by Boris Akunin
22. The Turkish Gambit by Boris Akunin
23. Going Public by Bobby Jamieson [EFCA Now Review]
24. The Green Ember by S.D. Smith
25. Anna and the King by Margaret Landon
26. Death of Achilles by Boris Akunin
27. Do Ask, Do Tell, Let’s Talk by Brad Hambrick [EFCA Now Review]
28. The Assize of the Dying by Ellis Peters
29. The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life by Dale Ralph Davis
30. Special Assignments by Boris Akunin
31. The Man with Two Left Feet by P.G. Wodehouse
32. The State Counselor by Boris Akunin
33. The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Eerie Tales by Rudyard Kipling
34. Bear Is Broken by Lachlan Smith
35. Answering Jihad by Nabeel Qureshi 
36. Meet Mr. Mulliner by P.G. Wodehouse
37. Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore
38. Beating the College Debt Trap by Alex Chediak [Review]
39. She Lover of Death by Boris Akunin
40. How to Survive the Apocalypse by Robert Joustra and Alissa Wilkinson [EFCA Now Review]
41. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
42. Playing Saint by Zachary Bartels
43. 100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson
45. 1 Kings: The Wisdom and the Folly by Dale Ralph Davis
46. He Lover of Death by Boris Akunin
47. Mulliner Nights by P.G. Wodehouse
48. The Diamond Chariot by Boris Akunin
49. The Last Con by Zachary Bartels
50. The Affinities by Robert Charles Wilson
51. A Few Quick Ones by P.G. Wodehouse
52. Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog by Boris Akunin
53. Sister Pelagia and the Black Monk by Boris Akunin
54. More People to Love by Jason Abbott, and Benjamin Vrbicek [Review]
55. The Guns of Navarone by Alistair Macintyre
56. Good and Angry by David Powlison [Review]
57. Doctor Doctrine’s Christian Comix: The Word of God by Fred Sanders
58. Doctor Doctrine’s Christian Comix: On the Trinity by Fred Sanders
59. No God But One by Nabeel Qureshi [Review]
60. Uncle Fred in the Springtime by P.G. Wodehouse
61. The Imperfect Pastor by Zach Eswine [Review]
62. The Radical Book for Kids by Champ Thornton [My Interview with the Author]
63. God The Son Incarnate by Stephen Wellum [Top Book of 2016]
64. Expositional Preaching by David Helm [Review]
65. Hungry by Rondi Lauterbach

* These are books I finished reading in 2016, not the ones I started or the ones I didn't get done. I read a bunch of them for escapist fun, some for/with my kids, and a lot of them just to learn and grow. They aren't listed (perfectly) in the order I read them. Some of them I am reading for a second or third time. I read fewer books in 2016 than in previous years--it was a busy year with life going in several directions at once, and I hope to get into better habits again in 2017. 

As I say each and ever year--I'm not endorsing these books just because they are listed here. Some of them are really good and some are really bad. Most are somewhere in between. Read with discernment.

Here's the article where I explain why I post these.

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