Monday, July 03, 2017

Win a Copy of "The Wild Man" Fable and "Wild Mountain Tribe" by Zeke Pipher

This Spring, I finally had the privilege of meeting Zeke Pipher in person. He came to Pennsylvania to speak at our church's Wild Game Dinner. Zeke and I had been online friends for a few years as fellow EFCA pastors with mutual friends, and I'd been an admirer of his books for hyper-hobbied and outdoorsmen, but we'd never gotten to meet face-to-face.

We hit it off right away.

And right off the bat, one of the issues we connected on was the need to pass on godly masculinity to the next generation. I have 3 sons (and a daughter who will be an adult before too long!), so it's deeply important to me. The world offers so many false messages about manhood, and they are all not only flawed but dangerous.

So Zeke told me about a project he was working on--a fable that teaches about Christ-centered masculinity through an allegorical story and also a guidebook for men and young men to go through together. He even gave me pre-publication copies to review.

I like them a lot!

These are two books not quite like any others out there, and I think they would help any dads, granddads, or uncle-types who wanted to get some good principles of biblical masculinity across to the young bucks whom they care about.

Tomorrow on Independence Day, I'll be publishing an interview I did with Zeke all about how and why he wrote these two books.

Win A Set for Yourself

Today, I'm offering starting a contest to win a free set. Zeke will send a copy of each book to the winner picked at random.

Entering this contest is very simple:

1. Leave a comment on this post (either here or on Facebook) with your name on it.

2. Wait to see if you win. I'll be drawing the names out of a hat. It's that easy! (Don't forget to check back or subscribe to updates to find out if you win--I'll need your mailing address if you do.)

You can also increase your chances of winning by posting about this contest on your social media page (FB, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, etc.). Just send me an email or leave a comment with the link so that I know that you've expanded the reach of the contest. For each time you link to the contest, you get your name added to the hat one more time (limit of 7 chances, the contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Thursday night, July 6th).

I'll announce the winner on Friday.

But if you can't wait, order your copy of The Wild Man and/or Wild Mountain Tribe today!

This video from Zeke's Wild Mountain website tells the story of what these books are all about.


I want to give this book to all my brothers.

I tied to leave a comment but I'm not sure why it didn't go through. Love the idea of this book. Watched the promo and read the interview. Also, the symbol of he chi-rho is neat. Good tie in to Christ.

I am interested in the giveaway. Looking forward to going through this.

Thanks, David! Welcome aboard this contest!

Would like to give this set to Tyler for his birthday.

Hey Pastor Matt, I'm in. Hunter Galley.