Friday, September 08, 2017

Four Years of "Resisting Gossip"

Rejoice with me!

This week marked the fourth anniversary of the publishing of Resisting Gossip: Winning the War of the Wagging Tongue. What a joy it has been to be see it continue to be read by people all around the world.

Here are eight important milestones from the last 12 months:

1. I got to speak about resisting gossip and using our words for good at the 2016 Deep and Wide Conference at Faith EFC in Mountain Lake Park Maryland.

2. The Spanish version, Resistiendo el Chisme,  is now available as an e-book in multiple formats.

3. The Korean version,험담을 멈추라, was released by CLC Korea.

4. CareLeader republished my article on Keeping Gossip Out of Prayer Requests.

5. The Russian version, Противостоять сплетням, was released by CLC Belarus and (another first!) they produced a Russian version of the original book trailer.

6. The Romanian version, Lupta împotriva bârfei, was released by CLC Romania (doesn't "bârfei" look like a great word for gossip?!).

That brings the total number of languages up to 6 (including the original English, the only one that I actually understand)!

7. Resisting Gossip was included among a group of terrific books in a new free guide for discipling youth by Reformed Youth Online.

Thank you to those who have helped with this and prayed for the influence of our little book. I'm thankful to my Lord for the blessing of being involved in this ministry and grateful for stories of people who are learning to win the war of the wagging tongue.