Saturday, October 06, 2018

"She Waits" by the Gray Havens

The newest album by our friends, the Gray Havens, is now out!

"She Waits" is like but unlike all of their previous work.

There is plenty of the explorative, imaginative, cinematic, narrative-based songs we've come to enjoy with Dave Radford lyrics, vocals [lots of falsetto!], and keyboards and Licia's distinctive counter-point voice coming through. But there are also more instruments here than ever before, fewer guitars or folk-sounds, and some spoken-word poetry from Propaganda (see video below). Now, that's different!

Dave explained some of the development of their music in this interview about the song God's Storehouse (which almost sounds like a 50's do-wop, but it doesn't really).

My favorite track is "See You Again" which is the most fun funeral song I've ever heard.

The whole album is worth listening to on repeat.