Tuesday, March 05, 2019

"Resisting Gossip" Is Now An Audiobook!

Rejoice with me!

Resisting Gossip is now available as an audiobook at Audible!

It’s unabridged and read by yours truly, clocking in at 4 hours and 24 minutes.

I am especially thankful for this new development because it is a loooooong time in coming. I first recorded the chapters in the Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014, but we never got it edited and produced into an audiobook until this last year. Five years later, we finally have an audiobook!

A big thank-you goes to Jim Pitman at CLC Publications for believing in and rebooting this project, finding a quality sound editor, and seeing it through to publication.

Thanks also to my friends Tim Sullivan and Kenneth Hawthorne for volunteering to listen to the raw recordings and find all of my verbal typos to be fixed in post-production.

And a great big special thanks to WTLR, our local Christian radio station, for giving me time in the studio to record Resisting Gossip. The quality of the audio is wonderful because of your generosity.

Now that we have an audiobook version, I can help people with requests like this one that came in a year or so ago:

I have a quick question for you. I have a mother I am counseling whose daughter is struggling with people gossiping about her at work. I gave the mother one of your books. The problem is, her daughter is legally blind. This brings me to my question. Have you put Resisting Gossip on audiobook yet? If not, are there any plans to do so in the near future?
Yes, we have! I pray that this new version helps many people who need to or like to imbibe their books through their ears to win the war of the wagging tongue.