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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

6 Years of "Resisting Gossip"

Rejoice with me! 

Resisting Gossip has been out now for six whole years.

I am filled with gratefulness as I think about all of the places it’s gone and how it has helped people to win the war of the wagging tongue.


The biggest news from the last 12 months has been the production and release of the audiobook version of Resisting Gossip. I first recorded the chapters in the Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014, but we never got it edited and produced into an audiobook until this last year. 

I’m thankful for everybody who helped get it out there and for its initial reception from folks like Todd Hardin:

Potato Heads?

The strangest story about Resisting Gossip from the last year was discovering how this pastor from down-under has created a set of potato-heads to illustrate the five kinds of gossips from chapter 3. How creative!

Articles and Interviews.

I didn’t do very much writing about gossip this last year. There is more to be said, of course, but I haven’t felt called be the one to say it. But I did publish a short piece of how NOT to use the book (and why I wrote it like I did) and also did two interviews with the folks at CLC Publications, one that surveys the last several years (including links to the 6 languages its currently in) and one that focuses on the release of the audiobook.

But Most of All Readers.

The best part of being the author continues to be hearing from people whom the book has helped. When I Google the title, I still find it being used in small groups and Bible studies and referred to in sermon series and edifying articles. And every once in a while I get an encouraging note like this one from Allison, a librarian from the suburbs of Chicago:
"Resisting Gossip is a book I re-read every 1-2 years, and each time, I glean important reminders. I just completed it from my summer 2019 reading list, and I continue to learn and be convicted by it. This time, I wrote, 'I don't have to say everything I think!' in my planner. Thank you again for writing a book that equips Christians to live in a way that 'goes against the tide.'"
I praise the Lord that my work gets to be used like this in people’s lives.

And Some Quotes and Pictures.

The team at CLC also created some sharp looking graphics for sharing more broadly: