Monday, April 06, 2020

Super Jeff and Kim Powell (An Appreciation)

In our home, Jeff Powell is known as "Super Jeff."

At our very first Allegheny District Pastors & Wives Retreat (one of Jeff & Kim’s brainchildren),  EFCA President Bill Hamel said that the pastors’ kids in the district he had superintended called him “Super Bill.” Our kids were 4, 3, 1 and 4 months at the time, and I said, “That’s what we all will call him–Super Jeff.”

And Jeff has lived up to the name.

Jeff has SUPER at keeping us focused as a district on:


Jeff has been super consistent in keeping all of our pastors and churches on the Great Commission. Gospel-centered disciplemaking just bleeds out of him. He has crisscrossed the expanse of our district visiting churches and teaching seminars on a whole host of topics that all center on disciplemaking. Whenever faced with a decision, Jeff will always say, “We need to do what will help our churches make the most and best disciples.”

Sound Doctrine

Jeff has doggedly concentrated on ensuring that our pastors and churches are theologically healthy. He dreamed up Stay Sharp, the annual theology conference we offer in partnership with the EFCA National Office that draws leaders from across the district to focus 24 hours the biblical teaching expounded in our statement of faith. We are so much strong because he’s been super.

But more importantly to us. He has been SUPER as our pastor.


Both of the Powells, really. My grown daughter actually calls Kim, “Super Kim,” as well. Kim has befriended and then checked on her all of these years.

Jeff and Kim have been here for us, prayed for us, walked with us through hard times. I’ve shared many a hotel room with Jeff, and he’s listened to me complain and cry. He’s rejoiced with me over many a blessing.

Everybody needs a pastor, and I’m thankful that Super Jeff Powell has been mine.


[An abbreviated version of my remarks from Jeff & Kim's retirement celebration at the 2020 Stay Sharp Conference. For more pictures of this special event, visit the district Facebook page.]