Sunday, December 06, 2020

Advent Candle #2: Repeat the Sounding Joy


LEFC Family Advent Readings: Let Earth Receive Her King!
Psalm 98 :: December 6, 2020
Week #2: Repeat the Sounding Joy

Advent” means “coming.” Christmas is coming. Jesus has come and is coming again.

During this year’s unusual Advent season, we are centering our attention on Psalm 98, which the hymnwriter Isaac Watts used as the basis for the Christmas carol, “Joy to the World.”

Psalm 98 is a victory song that joyfully celebrating the marvelous things the Lord has done in history and will do when Christ comes again.

Our first candle was a candle of preparation.


Just as we are all preparing for the coming of Christmas, we should be preparing our hearts for the coming of Christ. Psalm 98 invites us to ready our hearts for His return.

Our second candle is a candle of celebration. Psalm 98 is filled with calls to rejoice in  song.

[READ PSALM 98:4-8]
The coming of the Messiah is worthy of our frequently repeated joyful exultation. 

The psalmist personifies all of nature joining in the great celebration–with the sea roaring, rivers clapping their hands, and mountains singing for joy. All of creation participates in the festivity.

As Christians expecting the blessed return of our rescuing King, we have every reason to rejoice.

“Joy to the earth! the Savior reigns;
Let all their songs employ,
While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains
Repeat the sounding joy!”