Friday, January 15, 2021

Consider Trying Out a Different Worship Time?

Dear Church Family,

I’m looking forward to worshiping with many of you on-campus this weekend, but I do have a request for some of you to consider:

As your pastor, I’d like to see some of the families that have been attending the 9:30 worship service to consider moving over to worshiping at the 11:00am service.

The 9:30am service had over 60 people at it last Sunday (January 10), and a number of people who have been participating at that time then were not present. We were at about 70% of our safe capacity for this COVID-19 season. It might not feel like a lot of people, but it really is for our size room right now.
If we keep growing (and I hope we will), we’ll need to place people in overflow seating or ask them to worship from the parking lot on 89.5 FM.

I know that many of you have liked the 9:30am service not primarily because it’s convenient or for your kids to take part in the children’s church ministry but because that’s where the most people are. It’s a great feeling to be together with a group!

So if 4-5 families all moved over (and there is room for you), we could experience that same group feeling at the 11:00am worship gathering as at the 9:30am. If we had 10 more people, 4 or 5 families try that out, that would be great and helpful.

There’s also room at the 8:00am service for anyone who wants to get up a little earlier and be a little more cautious. And you get out earlier too and have the rest of your Sunday to do whatever.

I’d hate to turn anyone away or go back to the reservation system, so please consider if a different service might work well for your family.

By the way, for those worshiping in the parking on 89.5 FM, we have a special vehicle version of the bulletin sitting in the breezeway. Drive through and pick one up or wave at one of us, and we’ll bring you one. It has everything in it, including the hymns. You don’t have to bring it back and turn it back in.

We’re going to be studying Psalm 96 together this Sunday. I can’t wait to share with you.

See you Sunday!

-Pastor Matt

P.S. I also still want to encourage some of you to consider continuing to worship at home. We continue to be in the middle of major COVID surge in Pennsylvania. If you are in an at-risk situation and are not yet immunized, it may still be a time for you to keep your distance. We will miss you, but we'll also be glad to know you're staying safe!