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Friday, April 30, 2021

"The Gospel and Gossip" - May/June Issue of Christianity Today

It was a real privilege to be one of the people interviewed by Kate Shellnutt for her cover story "Whispers or Whistleblowing?" about gossip and abuse in the latest issue of Christianity Today. I just got my print copy in the mail yesterday.

In her article, Kate links to my blogpost: "Don't Misuse 'Resisting Gossip'" and  guest post for Ed Stetzer, "Gossip and Prayer Requests" and she reports some of our discussion of the difficult dynamics at play when the vulnerable may need to speak up and speak out about those wielding power and authority. The answers are not easy because they are "both/and" which always requires wisdom, courage, and love. 

I agree that the definition of gossip that we employ is a big part of the problem so that the more biblical clarity we can get on that, the more it will also be a big part of the solution. My one-sentence way of summarizing the Bible's teaching is that the sin of gossip is bearing bad news behind someone's back out of a bad heart.

I'm thankful to get to make a contribution to an important conversation.