Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Evangelical Convictions - Second Edition

It's here! After several years and many edits, we now have an updated version of our exposition of the Evangelical Free Church of America Statement of Faith!

I loved reading the first edition when it came out. I thought it was a pound cake. So it was a great privilege as a member of the Spiritual Heritage Committee to contribute to the process of updating it in light of the change the conference made to our statement on the return of Christ in 2019.

There are are also a number of improvements sprinkled through out and few new additional appendices that I think people will find helpful. 

People have asked if it will be issued in hardback, and I think the answer is maybe down the road. Hardcover books take a long time to produce (the infamous "supply chain issues"), and nobody wanted to wait any longer for this to see the light of day. So it's paperback for now which is nice because it keeps it affordable for the widest distribution.

May the Lord use Evangelical Convictions (Second Edition) for the up-building of the churches of our association to His glory.