Saturday, December 03, 2005

Marking Time

I'm starting a new sermon series tomorrow on the Gospel of Mark.

I'm very busy reading commentaries right now: R.T. France's magesterial NIGTC, James Edward's workmanlike Pillar NTC, David Garland's very accesible NIVAC, William Lane's classic NICNT, Kent Hughes' sermonic Preaching the Word volume 1, and dipping into a few random others (Taylor, Cranfield, Martin, Stedman, Wangren).

Good stuff, but I'm afraid I'm a little rusty on my study skills (and don't ask about my Greek!). This is providing a good work out for my brain and heart.

Alongside that, I'm also reading Peter G. Bolt's The Cross from a Distance: Atonement in Mark's Gospel (part of the DA Carson edited New Studies in Biblical Theology series). I'm fascinated by the role of the Cross in Mark's story and can't wait to bring that out as we read it together on Sundays.

As always, I very much appreciate all who pray for me in the ministry of proclamation.


I'm asking about your Greek! >:P