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Friday, December 01, 2006

Advent 2006: Week 1

LEFC Family Advent Readings
Advent Week #1: Mary’s Song
“Glorifying the Lord”
Luke 1:46-55
December 3, 2006

“Advent” means “coming.” Christmas is coming. Jesus has come and is coming again.

This Advent season, we are preparing our hearts for Christmas and for Jesus by delighting in God through the “Song of Mary” found in the Bible in Luke chapter 1 verses 46 through 55.

[READ LUKE 1:46-55]

Mary was a young, single woman with no social standing, but God had chosen her to bear the Christ-Child.

When the Angel Gabriel told her the good news of the coming Christ, she responded in trusting faith. And her heart was full of praise! Her famous song begins, “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior...”

Mary was full of praise even though she was in such a confusing situation.

This first Sunday of Advent, we light a candle to remind us to glorify the Lord during the Advent Season.


May our spirits rejoice in God our Savior.


Advent Bible Study for Families

1. Read all of Luke chapter 1, especially verses 26-56 about Mary’s situation. What did God promise Mary through the Angel Gabriel? Why would this have been confusing? How do you think Mary must have felt?

2. Write down a list of how Mary responded to the (1) news that Gabriel gave her and (2) Elizabeth’s blessing. What was special about her responses?

3. Mary knew that God was worthy of praise. Have each person share at least one thing that they praise God for this Advent Season.

4. As a family, sing Good Christian Men, Rejoice!