Friday, December 15, 2006

Advent 2006: Week 3

LEFC Family Advent Readings
Advent Week #3: Mary’s Song
“Merciful to the Humble”
Luke 1:46-55

December 17, 2006

“Advent” means “coming.” Christmas is coming. Jesus has come and is coming again. This Advent season, we are preparing our hearts for Christmas and for Jesus by delighting in God through the “Song of Mary” found in the Bible in Luke chapter 1 verses 46 through 55.

[READ LUKE 1:46-55]

On the first Sunday of Advent, we lit a candle [LIGHT FIRST CANDLE] to call us to glorify the Lord and rejoice in God our Savior. Last week, we lit a candle [LIGHT SECOND CANDLE] to remind us to trust in our God who is mighty over all.

This week, we light a candle to highlight the mercy of God to the humble. [LIGHT THIRD CANDLE]

Mary sang, “God has been mindful of the humble estate of his servant...His mercy extends to those who fear him from generation to generation...He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble.”

Mary was saying that God has reversed the order of the world. The world normally gives great things to great people. But God gives great things to not-so-great people who recognize their bankruptcy and fear Him alone.

James puts it like this, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

God’s might is directed by God’s mercy to humble people.

May this candle remind us to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand to receive His mighty mercy.


Advent Bible Study for Families

1. Re-read Luke 1:46-55. What words and phrases in Mary’s Song emphasize God’s mercy to those who are humble (she says it at least 3 different ways)?

2. Mary was probably influenced by the Song of Hannah. Read 1 Samuel 2:1-10 and note the similarities. Why is God’s mercy such good news?

3. What does it mean to be humble? How can we as a family cultivate humility?

4. As a family, sing Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne.