Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dan Ledford On The Fruit of Faith

In continuing his series on the Hebrews Hall of Faith in a sermon on the Patriarchs, Dan asks these questions for his church family:

"This Thursday is our big Discipleship Planning Meeting. We will plan out the Sunday School and Way Cool Wednesday ministry for 2007-2008. We will never see the full fruit of our faithful acts in our lifetime; but there will be fruit.

There will be children who are changed by God’s grace on Wednesday nights – and they will grow up differently because of it. Their marriages will one day be different because of it. They will raise their children differently because of it. And their children will come to faith years from now, because of our faithfulness this year.

How might the community of Curwensville, and Clearfield County, and beyond, be affected by Jesus Christ in the years to come, because of a plan made by faith in Christ this Thursday?"

Read the whole thing.