Thursday, August 02, 2007


Gee, I'm mildly surprised you singled this one out. Now I'm kind of curious why.

I was speaking with an EFCA colleague, and realized anew how my blog can give a skewed impression of my personality and character. Not false, exactly (it probably reveals more truth about me than I even want!), but skewed. I don't want that to mess up possible friendships, or the possibility of a greater range of Christian service in the EFCA, should God ever want that to happen.

I met some people at the national conference who were probably surprised to discover I wasn't a fire eater (or a Death Eater, :)


I linked to it because I thought it really brought out the limitations and weaknesses of blogging in a well-written, personal way.

I try to link to (and sometimes write), posts on that subject because I want to be a self-critical, self-aware blogger.

I think we can forget that blogging is broadcasting and that blogging is (for all its strengths and opportunities) a world full of temptations for sins of the tongue. And conversely, for sins of the ears (not listening closely or making judgments based on little info, etc). I thought your post brought that out well in an experiential way.

Didn't mean to imply, "Hear, hear! That Jack Brooks sure comes off as a fire eater!" =D