Sunday, June 29, 2008

A New Statement of Faith - EFCA 2008

The conference in St. Louis was pretty amazing. I'll be writing more about it soon for both this blog and EFCA Today.

The most exciting thing was the adoption of a new statement of faith for our assocation of churches. Byron Harvey did a nice job of summarizing the debate on the floor.

The most amazing thing to me was how holy the discussion was. With just a few brief (but painful) exceptions, the discussion was respectful and kind, focused on issues and doctrine, not people or personalities, and full of Christ!

My favorite moment of the whole conference wasn't the 86% positive affirmation of the new statement of faith or even the "unity resolution" offered by Byron after the big vote (to which I got to be the "second"), but when one of the men at the microphone publically apologized for how he had spoken, written, and acted during the heat of the process last year. That was powerful!

God was present.

Praise Him--for a new Statement of Faith, and for the holy people that he both used to craft it and deliberate on it, and adopt it. I'm blessed to be a part of this family of churches.