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Sunday, June 29, 2008

SOF Resolution

This is the resolution that Byron Harvey offered which passed with unanimity at the end of the business meeting on Thursday:

Whereas the Evangelical Free Church of America has now come to the end of a long and rigorous process of re-examining and strengthening itself theologically, and

Whereas that process has consumed countless hours of tireless effort, and whereas our leadership has thoughtfully kept our movement abreast of all proposed changes, allowed all voices to be heard, amended and clarified the various parts of the proposed statement to reflect concerns voiced by the EFCA constituency, and worked hard to achieve a statement that accomplishes broad consensus, and

Whereas throughout the process, those within the leadership of the EFCA have demonstrated consistent devotion to our Lord, integrity of godly character, and unwavering commitment to our movement,

Whereas implementing change always brings challenges, and whereas Satan always seeks opportunity to divide God’s people, subvert God’s mission, and harm God’s kingdom,

Be it therefore resolved:

That we, the 2008 National Leadership Conference, express our sincere appreciation for the dedicated efforts of all of those individuals who have labored so diligently in preparing this Statement of Faith revision;

That we reaffirm our support for the leadership of our movement;

That we determine to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, as we are called to do in Scripture; and

That we humbly call upon God to use SOF for His glory.