Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bonus Bullmore

Pastor Mike Bullmore has had a profound influence on me, as a Christian, a pastor, and especially, as a preacher.

He was my chief homiletics professor at Trinity, and I continue to learn from his example and teaching.

Recently, I had the chance to listen all the way through his recent Rom Lectures at my alma mater: The Heart of Preaching and the Preacher's Heart. Excellent, challenging, helpful, and right-on.

I listened to them on my mp3 player while sitting on a hillside trying to spot a deer to dispatch. No deer, but plenty of good things to digest in the lectures.

Blogger Andy Naselli is a member of the church Bullmore pastors. He recently took notes on a sermon that Dr. Bullmore gave on the subject of What We Should Do With Our Money. I profited just from reading the notes.

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