Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Whole Lives Drift Relentlessly Toward the Spot Where Our Treasures Are Stored

"We think about our treasures, we are drawn toward our treasures, we fret about our treasures, we measure other things (and other people) by our treasures. This is so painfully true that a person who honestly examines himself can pretty well discover what his real treasures are, simply by studying his deepest desires...

[W]tend to move toward the object on which we fix our gaze. In the same way, our whole lives drift relentlessly toward the spot where our treasures are stored, because our hearts will take us there. To follow Jesus faithfully entails therefore a consistent development of our deepest loves, to train ourselves to adopt an unswerving loyalty to kingdom values and to delight in all that God approves."

D.A. Carson on Matthew 6:21 [The Sermon on the Mount, An Evangelical Exposition of Matthew 5-7, pg. 78]