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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Best Resources for a Biblical/Practical Theology of Money

Here are the books, articles, and recordings that I profited the most from for our recent series of sermons on money: In God We Trust--What the Bible Says About Money.

Craig Blomberg

Book: Neither Poverty Nor Riches

The best biblical/theological treatment of the topic, running through the Scriptures with a keen eye from Genesis to Revelation.

Audio: Craig Blomberg Giving a Summary of the Book

Brian Rosner

Book: Beyond Greed

A study of the New Testament texts about greed. Very practical, helpful, insightful.

Wayne Grudem

Book: Business to the Glory of God

I never thought about this until I picked up this slender volume in a book store. Excellent beginning study of how business is GOOD and glorifies God (when done His way).

Audio: Recording of Grudem on Business

Jay Richards

Book: Money, Greed, and God

The subtitle: "How Capitalism is the Answer and Not the Problem." This one is controversial, but it is a good introduction into Christian Capitalism (not necessarily an oxymoron).

Audio: Jay Richards Summarizing Some of the "Myths" In His Book

Larry Burkett

Book: The Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples

I got this one from my mother-in-law, and I'm so thankful for it! It's required reading for pre-marital counseling at our church.

Patrick Morley

Book: How to Survive the Economic Meltdown

We gave this to every Dad in our church on Father's Day. Morley (of The Man in the Mirror) is giving away free pdf's of it on his website.

Randy Alcorn

Alcorn has been cranking out great resources on money for years.

Book: The Treasure Principle

A Jabez sized book about giving.

Book: Money, Possessions, and Eternity

A longer book length study. Gets into things that I couldn't in the series. I don't always agree with Alcorn, but I love reading him.

Andreas Kostenberger and David Croteau

Article: To Tithe or Not to Tithe

Short article (condensed fruit of the other two).

Article: "Will a Man Rob God? A Study of Tithing in the Old and New Testaments"

This article puts to rest the idea of NT tithing. Very helpful, easy to read, recommended.

Article: "Reconstructing a Biblical Model of Giving"

If we aren't to tithe, what do we do? This article suggests a theology of giving.

Mike Bullmore

Audio: "What We Should Do with Our Money?" (1 Corinthians 16)

Great sermon on giving from 1 Corinthians 16.

D.A. Carson

Article: "Are Christians Required to Tithe?"

Paul Mills

Fascinating person. Works for the IMF. Christian. Economist. Doesn't believe that the Lord wants us to lend at interest. Predicted the current financial meltdown. Very interesting.

Audio: "The Financial Meltdown: A Spiritual Diagnosis", (Q&A Session) (.pdf of slides)

Economic Papers by Dr. Mills and Others at the Jubilee Center

Interest in Interest - Fascinating Study of the History of "Interest" in Church History and an argument for non-interest loans. Ultimately, I was unpersuaded, but I also ask myself, "Who am I do disagree with this expert?"