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Sunday, September 06, 2009

What Are You Reading?

"What are you reading?" is one my favorite questions to ask growing Christians. It almost always gives me a picture of their inner world.

Here's my current and active reading list (not counting all of the books I've read the first chapter of but are languishing somewhere for a long time untouched):

Love Walked Among Us by Paul Miller

I just wrote a book review of this for EFCA Today, and our church's link groups have been reading and discussing it together. I'm on my third time through. Awesome book!

Unpacking Forgiveness by Chris Brauns

The gracious and friendly Chris Brauns sent me a free copy of his great little book. I just dived in today and made it four chapters in one breath. Good stuff.

What Some Of You Were ed. by Christopher Keane

This is one I've had awhile, and I'm trying to catch up on it. It's stories of those who are growing out of unhealthy sexuality including homosexuality and lesbianism. It's from Matthias Media and all of the stories are from "down-under," but it's encouraging to read for people everywhere.

Come Back, Barbara by John C. Miller and Barbara Miller Juliani

I've wanted to read this one for some time. It's about a young woman who left the faith and her family and the family's missteps and faithsteps to see her return. I've been wanting to understand rebellion better and how to love families with wayward children. It's a good companion to a book I just finished: Get Outta My Face.

Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

In Grandma's Attic by Arleta Richardson

American Indian Prayer Guide by Danette Maloof & Dean Cozzens

These three are for our homeschool. We're studying America this year in history/culture. Johnny Tremain is a lot of fun. I remember Mom reading it to us in the car on family vacations when I was a kid. It's historical fiction about a boy in Boston around the time of the Boston Tea Party and the midnight ride of Paul Revere. Exciting!

Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof

I have to take a test on Reformed Theology for my D.Min studies at Westminster. They say that if you know the material in Berkhof, then you're good to go for the test. Whoof. That's big book with small type!

For the Love of God Vol 1, By D.A. Carson

The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (Study Bible) (Most important of all!)

As I've written before, I'm on a year-long trek through these books, bit by bit. I'm pretty much up-to-date with my readings, even though it's been a busy Summer.

What are you reading?


Update: I was telling Heather about this post, and I remembered some books I'm reading that I'd forgotten:

I'm also reading A Fine and Pleasant Misery by outdoor humorist Patrick McManus, Pastoring Men by Patrick Morley, and commentaries on the Gospel of Luke by Darrel Bock, R. Kent Hughes, and Leon Morris.

There may be more, but those are the main ones right now.


"What are you reading?" is one my favorite questions to ask growing Christians. It almost always gives me a picture of their inner world."

What if they are reading nothing b/c they 1) can't read or 2) their reading comprehension is so low they are too discouraged to really dig in...?

What then do you use to figure out the inner world?

Well, there are lots of ways, but this is one of my favorites.

I have lots of friends who don't/can't read, too. We talk about other things than books, including movies, music, family, what they think of the sermons, their work, etc.

And I'm always on the lookout for audio versions of good books and other recordings, shorter articles that pack a lot in, etc.

In my experience, a lot of folks who are growing Christians yet who don't like to read other books, still love to read their Bibles. So, we talk about what they are reading in the Bible, too.

When literacy is completely missing, I like to talk with people about their prayers--"What are you praying about?" But that is harder to bring up most of the time than someone's current reading. For avid readers, current reading is a great short-cut to talking about real things.

Thanks for asking, Mr.B.


doh! it's matt ;-)

forgot that it auto signed me in...

Hey, Matt!

Did you recover from having MR gone?


well, that was a while ago...I think...I don't remember so that is good :-)

I'm reading all things Romans in lieu of an upcoming series: Moo, Morris, N.T. Wright, Schreiner

Sounds like heavy lifting!

Which do you like better--Moo or Schreiner?

I don't own anything but Cranfield so far and have been wondering what to get. I had Moo at TEDS, but I'm getting pretty impressed by Schreiner recently.

How are you finding Wright? I haven't yet read a book-length work by Wright--mostly articles.


Yes, I meant "in lieu of". I thought of preaching a series on Romans, but instead decided to just read the commentaries.

Just kidding. What can I say? I'm a farm kid from Iowa.

I am reading Romans "in light of" my upcoming series.

I would hate to choose between Moo and Schreiner. They are both wonderful. I still haven't really gotten into Wright yet, so I won't make any evaluations.

If a pastor was stranded on a desert island preaching Romans then he would be in great shape with Moo, Cranfield, and Schreiner. It would be nice if a copy of Lloyd-Jones sermons washed up on shore.

Ahh. That's sheds some lieu on it.

I hope I never have to preach on a desert island, but I'll be ready with my commentary choices if I do!

Thanks, Chris!