Wednesday, November 04, 2009

After My Papers

For those of you counting (and praying, I hope!), I still have 2 papers to write for my doctoral classes: one medium-sized, one larger.  I'm hoping to nail at least one of those today.

I've begun to make a list of things I'm going to get to make a priority after my papers are done:

Circulator in Heating System (Not sure it's working right)
Blog Layout
Target Practice for Hunting Season
Homeschool Phys. Ed with Kids

The amazing thing is that when these 2 papers are done and sent in with all the rest, I'll be DONE with my coursework for a D.Min degree at WTS.  I'll still have 2 major exams and the great big humongous applied research paper to go, but I won't have any more "classes" to work through.

With the classes I took at Biblical (2004) and TEDS (2005, 2006), I've been working on this for the last five years.

It really feels significant to reach this place.  Hooray!


Hey, what's going on? Hooray for no more classes. I spent about two months a couple years ago installing my own circulation system on the wood furnace. You can search my blog for my write-up on it. If you want any help, lemme know!

Hey, Matt!

Great details on your blog about your circulation system.

I'm sure I know how to write up my problem, maybe I'll give you a call to explain what we're experiencing.