Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lamppost - RIP


Mr. Lance M. Post, know to friends and family as “Lampy”, passed away on October 9, 2009. He was approximately ten years old. A resident of Lanse, PA, Mr. Post was pronounced DOA after a tragic hit-and-run accident at his home.

Mr. Post was manufactured March 17, 1994 in East Brusnwick, NJ, and emigrated with other members of his family to Lanse, PA in 1999. He was the son of Lester and Latitia Post, of Edison, NJ, and a graduate of Thomas A. Edison High School in Edison, NJ. Later he attended Underwriter’s Laboratory in Red Bank, NJ, where he received an Associates Degree in Illumination. Following graduation from UL, Mr. Post enlisted to serve in the Driveway Guard, where he served until his recent demise. He was awarded honors on numerous occasions for distinguished conduct and bravery, including the Purple Filament for injuries received in the line of duty. Those who served with him said he really had mettle.

Although unknown to all but his closest friends, Mr. Post was musically gifted, and could be heard on many a dark and stormy night, humming quietly to himself– “You Light Up My Life”. He was loved by many, and will be fondly remembered as a light in the community, and a cheerful sight on many a snowy, winter night. Many claim he bore a remarkable resemblance to the well-known Lewis Post from Chronicles of Narnia movie fame, and was frequently mistaken for the celebrity by strangers. Also known for his electrifying wit, Mr. Post’s brilliant sense of humor undoubtedly helped him to endure many a long, lonely night on duty.

Mr. Post was preceded in death by a brother, Lemuel Post, who also served in the Driveway Guard in Lanse. He is survived by a sister, Lampetta.

A candle-light vigil will be held November 25th at the site of his accident, and a memorial service is scheduled for November 26th, 2009 at Bulb and Socket Funeral Home in Clearfield, PA at 4pm. In lieu of flowers, a memorial fund has been established for Orphan Bulbs International. Mr. Post will be interred at the Clearfield County Scrap Metal and Recycling Facility.

[This post written by Jeff Schiefer as a tribute the lamppost in our front yard that had been hit many times and finally went the way of all posts last month.  Jeff is a graphic artist with a fertile imagination and too much time on his hands...]


Too much time? I take umbrage!