Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Big Milestone

Rejoice with me.  I completed chapter 3 (of 5) of my project!!!
It's got 57 full pages with 220 footnotes.

Heather is going to take a red pen to it for grammar, clarity, typos, etc, and then on next Tuesday I'll fix all of the footnotes and formatting, etc, to send it to my advisor to see what he thinks!

Yeah. That really feels like we're getting somewhere.


Yea you! You're more than half-way there!

Thanks, Cuz. It's a little misleading in that the 4th chapter will probably longer than the 1-3 combined (it will include a book itself), but at least it will be more like what I do every week, practical theology.

But it still feels like a big accomplishment anyway!