Friday, July 29, 2011

Still Looking for Gossip Stories

Dear Friends,

I'm still in need of some good true-to-life stories about gossip.  On Tuesday, I'll be starting to write the ministry book based on the Resisting Gossip sermon series, and I still feel like I'm missing some critical stories that bring life and concrete reality to the teaching.

I'm especially in need of:

- Stories of a time when you were tempted to gossip and did or didn't give in.  What was that like?
- Stories of a time when you were gossiped about but responded in faith or love or both.  What happened?
- Stories of a church destroyed (or almost destroyed) by gossip.  What were the details (no names, please)?  How did it play out?
- Stories of a fellowship that was rescued from gossip by confronting it wisely.

Now is the time, if you haven't already, to send in that story.
Leave it in the comments here or email me: pastormatt AT lansefree DOT org.

Thank you, and keep praying!