Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Resisting Gossip - Next Steps

It was one year ago today that I began the work of writing my project in earnest.

Many of you have asked what the next steps are for my doctoral project and book on resisting gossip.

Having turned in the project, it's now pretty much a waiting game. The library director at Westminster, an external reader, and two Westminster/CCEF faculty readers are currently reading it. The library director might have required formatting changes to make (hopefully not many because of the help of the Center for Theological Writing and my proofreader!), the external reader gives it a thumbs up or down as to whether or not it is up to the standard of a work at this level, and my two faculty readers are reading it to prepare for questioning me at my oral defense.

The next actual step for me is the oral defense. I'll be on campus on March 14th to answer questions about my project put to me by my advisor and second reader. I'm looking forward to that, as I love talking about my project!

After these folks all sign off on it (and I make any changes they require), then I submit two more copies to the school (these are bound and put in the library), and I graduate in May.  We're at the end, folks. Thanks for your prayers.

As for the actual book, I'm now preparing the manuscript for submission to some publishers. I see this process as having four steps.

1. Revise manuscript for publishers.
2. Send manuscript to some leaders for their endorsements and networking.
3. Write a publication proposal.
4. Send the proposal and the manuscript to a group of publishers and see what happens.


This is an important, valuable work. I pray it will be well received and published.