Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ya Gotta Serve Somebody

On Sunday, I had the fairly rare privilege of being in our own home church but not preaching. 

Instead, I got to take in a powerful (and funny) sermon by my friend, Alex Ielase, the founding pastor of Redeemer on the Mount Church in Mt. Washington, PA (up the incline plane in Pittsburgh).

One of the things he said that has lingered with me these last couple of days is that Satan dangles tempting reminders of our past sinful lives in front of us tantalizing us with how much fun and pleasurable the good times were (like Israel being tempted to go back to Egypt). 

"But," Alex said, "he never mentions the chains."

No, Satan never reminds us of how enslaved we were before. I wonder why...

Listen to Alex's message "Ya Gotta Serve Somebody" here.