Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rounding Up "Taking Sides on Gossip"

During this week and next we will finish our long blog series "Taking Sides on Gossip" where we've been surveying the findings of a historical study into the problem of gossip.

Along the way, we have listened to many voices--proponents of gossip, those who have exacerbated or exploited the problem, those who are ambiguous or ambivalent, and also opponents of gossip both secular and religious.

Over the last few weeks, we saw some of the short-form contributions of Christian teachers throughout church history.

Starting tomorrow, we will begin to review full-length Christian books on the subject of gossip that are in print today.

This is how I said it in my doctoral project:
While Christians have, at times, spoken out about gossip in the history of the church, it has also been under-served as a topic. In my research, I have only been able to find five full length Christian books on the subject of gossip currently in print. Each book has its own contribution to make, but I can only fully recommend one of them as consistently helpful.
Since the submission of my project, one more full length book has been published and some of these have been revised.

Join us tomorrow for a brief review of Grapevine: The Spirituality of Gossip by Jerry Camery-Hoggat.