Friday, October 10, 2014

Still Wary and Weary of Self-Promotion

Gentle reader,

You may have noticed that most of my writing here, aside from Sunday sermons and posting Heather's nature photography, has been about a certain set of books and videos which will go nameless and linkless in this post.

In today's publishing world, it's the job of the author to engage his audience and get the word out about his stuff. I have fully embraced that job, in large part, because I believe in the truth I've discovered in the Bible and consider it a responsibility to share it with others. It's been a wild joy to see those nameless, linkless books and videos spread far and wide. It's a God-thing, and I'm celebrating Him and want to celebrate with you.

But I know the tendencies of my deceitful heart are also to snatch at glory and turn even a "rejoice with me" statement into a "look at me" moment. A year later, I'm still wary and weary of self-promotion.

I expect that in the coming weeks these kinds of promotional posts will taper off, and I hope to provide more substantive book reviews and biblical/theological/reflection posts. I'm not retiring from writing and speaking on and against that word that starts with "g," but I am planning to focus my limited time and energies more on my family, flock, and church association for the next few years. 

Thanks for bearing with me, especially if you're turned off by the constant barrage of promotional posts. I'm excited about each one of them and hope they serve others, but I sure don't want my life to be about self-reflecting mirrors. Pray for me that I would more and more reflect the image of Christ (Colossians 3:1-11).