Friday, October 03, 2014

What Is "Resisting Gossip Together" ?

From the introduction to my new book Resisting Gossip Together which releases on Tuesday, October 7th:

Welcome to Resisting Gossip Together!

I have designed this companion book in the hopes that it would enhance your reading of Resisting Gossip, take you deeper into personal Bible study, and facilitate your participation in an interactive discussion group.

Gossip is a real problem for followers of Christ. It is notoriously hard to define and even harder to resist. Gossip is alluring and addictive but also dangerous and painful. It causes heartache and division between people and leaves the gossiping person full of shame and regret. We as Christians are often not adequately prepared to fight against it.

My prayer is that Resisting Gossip Together will help you to win the war of the wagging tongue through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Format & Features

Resisting Gossip Together consists of ten lessons that follow a three part format. I provide you with activities to do before and after your group meets as well as a suggested outline for your group meetings.

Before each meeting, you will read the chapter that the lesson is based upon and answer the “Questions for Group Discussion” that are found at the back of each chapter. They are also in this study guide with room for recording your answers. These questions are the centerpiece of each group meeting. If your time is limited, make sure to at least read the chapter and think about your answers to these questions.

If you have more time, each lesson includes a “Digging Deeper Bible Study” that more extensively develops one aspect of the teaching in that chapter. Doing this study will help you to understand the concepts better and provide more information for you to share with your fellowship group.

Each lesson also includes: a short introduction explaining the educational goals for that lesson, an additional “warm-up” question to get the discussion started, prayer prompts for your group, a key verse to memorize and meditate upon, crucial application questions to be asking yourself along the way, and a suggestion or two for further thinking with additional online reading.

The Resisting Gossip Video Series

This book also corresponds with a set of 10 videos filmed in various locations around our little community in central Pennsylvania. Each video introduces and briefly unpacks the central idea of the corresponding lesson. You can watch them anytime, either before, during, or after your group meeting. These teaching videos are completely free, downloadable, and shareable from any computer or Internet connected device. Please use them and tell others that they are available! A DVD with all 10 videos is also available to purchase from CLC Publications.

Sowing and Reaping

I loaded this workbook with many options for you to utilize. Do the ones that seem the most helpful to you. Although it is designed for studying together with others, it is also suitable for individual enrichment. The more time and effort you invest, the more you will gain (Psalm 126:5-6, Galatians 6:7-9).  Mark this book up. Use a highlighter. Write in the spaces provided and in the margins. Open your Bible and track down the verse references. Pray as you go!

May the Lord bless your investment and use your time in His Word to give you a better biblical understanding of the problem of gossip and, even more, a greater grasp of the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

-Matt Mitchell
Lanse Evangelical Free Church
Lanse, Pennsylvania
June 2014