Thursday, February 19, 2015

An Encouraging Story about "Resisting Gossip"

I just go this super-encouraging note from a reader about how God is using Resisting Gossip in one family:



My friend has always had a hard relationship with her in laws. They often gossip about her (because she isn't the "same" as them). It has been very hurtful for her and they think nothing is wrong because what they are saying is "true."

My friend finally had a talk with her mother-in-law about how hurtful the gossip is and gave her a copy of Resisting Gossip. The mother-in-law really connected with the book and now wants to order a whole bunch for everyone in their family! She is making reconciliatory advances towards my friend now.

I'm so thankful for your book and the healing it can bring. Thank you!


I can't say how much that made my day and week. What a joy to be useful in the Lord's hands!