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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Resisting Gossip Adult VBS Class at the Federated Church

Earlier this Summer, my friend Ed Huntley, a pastor at The Federated Church sent me this note about Resisting Gossip:


Hey Matt,

Ed Huntley here, to tell you that the book that Connie and I bought when we saw you in April is going to be used, along with your videos and the group workbook (both of which I just ordered), when I lead our Adult Vacation Bible School here in August.

Connie has devoured the book, and I'm going to be reading it this coming week on vacation, and I suspect that it's going to bear some good fruit in our lives and in the lives of the people we're serving.

Just wanted to encourage you with this news, and I'll be giving you a report after the AVBS, assuming the folks don't run me out of town for ruining their fun!

Bless you, brother!



And just yesterday, he sent along his full report with permission to share it with you. How encouraging! What a joy it is to see God using this material in ministry to His church.


Hey Matt, here's my report. In a word, it was GREAT! As I wrote the other day, the people were VERY interested in your material and greatly challenged by it. They also enjoyed the way that you delivered the message, with a different setting each lesson.

I've attached the note-taking sheets that I prepared for each lesson. You might want to take a couple of minutes to review what I did, because it will show you how a fellow pastor used your material. I showed your lesson, and they took notes, and then we discussed what we heard, to make sure everybody "got it" and to apply the lesson.

The positive critiques are many: your teaching is solid, your delivery is so creative, your focus on the sin is strong and your application of the gospel is equally strong. You make people squirm but you also give them hope; you're an excellent pastor/teacher!

One small "negative" critique: the audio on lesson 10 was very different from every other lesson, too much bass, difficult to understand at certain points. Perhaps it was a problem on only my DVD?

Here's the ultimate compliment: One of our students is teaching a ladies' Sunday School class, and she asked if she could show the material to her class. I passed it on to her on the last day, and they will be studying it starting this coming Sunday! So your teaching is going to continue to ruin people's fun, for the glory of God!




Note for those new to these resources: The videos Ed is talking about are free, downloadable, and shareable on this website. The group workbooks he's mentioning are Resisting Gossip Together (linked to extra material here) and correspond lesson by lesson with each video and each chapter in Resisting Gossip.