Thursday, June 27, 2019

Loving My Children, a New Blog by Katie Faris

Our friend, Katie Faris, has begun a new blog with more of her musings on mothering.

This was the subject of her first book which I interviewed her about previously and endorsed with this recommendation:
What do diapers, lullabies, laundry, and cleaning behind the baby's ears have to do with the gospel? Everything! In this gem of a book, our friend Katie Faris winsomely shares biblical wisdom on seeking the best for the children God has loaned us. Katie knows what she's talking about--we've seen her mothering in action--and she writes well. Sweet but not sentimental, direct but not demanding, Loving My Children helpfully connects the Bible's teaching on grace, sovereignty, and sanctification to the everyday hard work of being a mom. Heather and I highly recommend it.
Katie is always thoughtful and careful, and she has a way with words. I commend her writings to you, especially if you are a Christian mom looking for encouragement along what is often a twisty and difficult path.