Saturday, June 18, 2022

Happy Husband - 28 Years

For 28 years now, Heather Joy has crowned my head with joy.

"A wife of noble character is her husband's crown, 
but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones" 
(Prov. 12:4 NIV84).

(Good thing she crowns my head with joy because there isn't much hair up there!)
Resurrection Sunday 2022 - Photo by Dalton Kristofits

Gentle humor. We're always finding something to chuckle about.

June 18, 1994

Engagement Photos circa 1993

Photo by Donnie Rosie

Photo by Isaac Mitchell.

October 2017

Photo by: Nate Weatherly Photography, Used by Permission

June 2020

October 2020

February 2020

The Happy Husband

Oft, oft, methinks, the while with thee
I breathe, as from the heart, thy dear
And dedicated name, I hear
A promise and a mystery,
A pledge of more than passing life,
Yea, in that very name of wife!

A pulse of love that ne'er can sleep!
A feeling that upbraids the heart
With happiness beyond desert,
That gladness half requests to weep!
Nor bless I not the keener sense
And unalarming turbulence.

Of transient joys, that ask no sting
From jealous fears, or coy denying;
But born beneath Love's brooding wing,
And into tenderness soon dying.
Wheel out their giddy moment, then
Resign the soul to love again;

A more precipitated vein
Of notes that eddy in the flow
Of smoothest song, they come, they go,
And leave their sweeter understrain
Its own sweet self-a love of thee
That seems, yet cannot greater be!

Samuel Taylor Coleridge []


This is such a beautiful tribute about a much-lived wife. How happy you are! Blessed indeed. I found your site quite by accident and I am so happy l did. After 45 years of a beautiful marriage to the love of my life, he went to Jesus. And now at my advanced years l have just remarried and it is my prayer that l am just that wife to him which is described in the poem for however many years we have left to live together. Thank you from Durban South Africa.

Thank you for your kind comment from Durban! May the Lord bless you today.