Thursday, April 02, 2015

New Weekly Feature: Christian Prayer Catechism

Back in 2006, as an assignment for a doctoral class on Christian prayer, I wrote a 27 question catechism that introduces a theology of prayer for followers of Christ.

Starting today, I'm going to post one question from this Christian Prayer Catechism each week.

Let me know if it's helpful to you.

When I gave it to the church family, I included this introduction:

A Brief Theology of Christian Prayer: Questions & Answers

This little catechism has been designed to help you learn a biblical theology of prayer.  Each of the 27 questions and answers has been written so that anyone can memorize them and is accompanied with a few comments on the biblical basis for each answer. 

I recommend that families memorize the questions and answers together.  Individuals can do it in small groups, as well, to hold each other accountable.  The key thing is to internalize this theology and to utilize it in your prayer life.

The Prayer Catechism is organized around four key questions:

A.  What Is Christian Prayer?
B.  Who is the God of Christian Prayer?
C.  Does Christian Prayer Work?
D.  How Should A Christian Pray?

It is my prayer that this little booklet will deepen your understanding of Christian Prayer and motivate you to engage in prayerful communion with God.

In His Grip,

Pastor Matt