Wednesday, April 01, 2015

"Resistiendo el Chisme" on Colombian National Television

One of the joys of being published by CLC Ministries is seeing my book show up all over the world. CLC is an international mission with a presence in over 50 countries.

Yesterday, Resistiendo el Chisme was featured in a 18 minute segment on the morning show of Channel One television in Colombia (see YouTube Video below).

I have very little Spanish, but from what I understand, they do a great job of covering the contents of the book. The hosts interview a representative of CLC Colombia named Carlos David Galeano who (without notes!) explains my definition of gossip and lists the 5 gossips of the rogue's gallery in chapter 3.

My favorite moment is near the end when the host reads the "warning label" on the back cover of the book, and they all laugh at my little joke. I'm glad to know that my corny humor translates into other languages.

On the same day, Dave Almack, the publisher at CLC who took a risk on my book sent me this picture from a CLC bookstore in Panama. Dave is pictured with a customer who is purchasing a copy of Resistiendo el Chisme.

When I signed up with CLC, I didn't realize that my book would one day be translated into Spanish (and soon French, Russian, and Korean, as well) and help people to win the war of the wagging tongue all over the world. What a great surprise!