Monday, May 14, 2018

The Most Helpful and Hopeful Thing I've Read on Reaching Generation Z

I'm so thankful to be in an association of churches that takes student ministry seriously. Instead of just having rah-rah youth rallies, we have something uniquely theological and deeply missional called Challenge. And instead of focusing on techniques for (and critiques of) youth ministry, we have thoughtful missiology for reaching the next generation.

Last year, Shane Stacey, the national director of ReachStudents, wrote an excellent 5 part series on Generation Z and the world they inhabit. This is my kids' generation, and I keep coming back to Shane's articles to frame my thinking about reaching their peers for Christ.

"Generation Z: The hand they’ve been dealt"

1. How Has the Recession Impacted Our Youth?

2. How Is Technology Shaping the Next Generation?

3. Our Youth Possess a Wonderful Multiracial Priority

4. Our Youth Are Swimming in a Sexually Fluid Culture

5. Our Hope for the Next Generation in a Post-Christian Culture