Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Country Bumpkin

Traveling out to Philadelphia on Sunday and navigating the metropolis has convinced me that I've become something of a country bumpkin.

This city's roads don't make any sense. The names of the streets don't stay the same from section to section. Some streets cross others, some don't. Sometimes a street name will disappear and then reappear again miles from where I thought it would.

Of course, silly me, I didn't bring a map (just some Google directions) and my dome light in the car doesn't work--I never noticed how important a dome light was until I tried to read my little direction sheet held up to the headlights of the cars behind me!

I know that I was a little confused at first when we moved to our current country home--especially by the way that roads curve instead of going in just one direction. But this is bewildering. I think it's more confusing than Chicago was. And I've lost a bunch of my skills from when I lived in the Windy City.

I'm sure I would learn how to navigate this place if I lived here, but I won't be here long enough this week and next to get my skills up to competency.

It's only Wednesday, but I find myself pining already for central Pennsylvania country roads.


and the street signs are hard to read.
Someone needs to invent a litttle box that knows what street you are on and how to get to where yuo are going.
And wouldn't it be amazing if it could talk to you and tell you where to turn. ....probably never happen.

I'm waiting until they come out with the version that drives the car for you, too.

Then I can read my book and write papers while I travel, instead of all this tedious do-it-yourself stuff.

Or would it read the book for me, too, so I could just sleep?

That would be good. I wouldn't even need to know what state I'm in.