Thursday, August 07, 2008

To Blog Or Not to Blog - Keller & Powlison

One theme on my blog these last 3.5 years has been whether or not to engage in blogging because of the temptations inherent in the medium for the sins of the tongue.

I finally decided, with the aid of my wife, that godly blogging was possible and have set out to do it at a moderate pace (my goal is to post something worthwhile between each sermon, that's twice a week on average). I have also kept an eye cocked for good advice on how often and how to blog wisely and well (ex: Randy Alcorn on comments, RCO on blogging only once a week).

This week, David Powlison and Tim Keller co-wrote a piece on Justin Taylor's blog which is well worth reading: Should You Pass on Bad Reports? And Powlison has amplified it with some follow-up comments today. Good stuff.

We're nearing our 1,000th post on Hot Orthodoxy (this is #992). I pray that the words of my blog and the meditation of my heart is pleasing in the Lord's sight.