Saturday, August 30, 2008

Proverbs 15:3 - Charles Bridges

Tomorrow I get to preach on Proverbs 15:3.

The Puritan Charles Bridges writes:

3. The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.

Adored be this All-seeing God! His inspection of the universe so minute, exact, unwearied!10 The first mark of the apostacy was a dread of his presence. The ungodly try to forget it, and often succeed in banishing him out of their thoughts. (Ps. x. 4.) Yet in despite of all their efforts to hide, he does see them. His eyes are in every place. Heaven, hell, the secret places of the earth, are all open before him. He beholds the evil; whether the king on his throne; or in his palace; or the servant indulging his secret sin. Yes—he may shut out the sun from his retreat, but he cannot shut out the eye of God, "from whom the darkness hideth not." Reckless indeed is he to do or think what he would hide from God; and then—such is the secret root of atheism! —thinking he can do so. (Isa. xxix. 15.)

But his eyes also behold the good. He sees them in outward destitution, in secret retirement, in deep affliction. He pierces the prison walls. He "covers their heads in the day of battle." He is with them in the furnace, and in the tempest. His eye guides them as their journeying God, and will guide them safe home; full of blessing, protection, and support. ‘He fills hell with his severity,heaven with his glory, his people with his grace.'

But how shall I meet these eyes? As a rebel or as a child? Do they inspire me with terror, or with love? Do I walk carefully under their lively impressions? (Gen. xvii. 1.) Conscious corruption leads me to shrink from the eyes of man. But oh! my God! I would lay myself naked and open to thee. Search me; try me; shew me to myself. Bring out my hidden iniquities, and slay them before thee. (Ps. cxxxix.24.) How is the overwhelming thought of this piercing eye more than counterbalanced by the view of the great High Priest, who covers and cleanses all infirmities and defilements, and pleads and maintains my acceptance notwithstanding all discouragement! (Heb. iv. 13, 14.)