Sunday, August 31, 2008

New CCEF Booklets

The wise folks at CCEF have been publishing helpful booklets for a number years. Our church has kept a stock of them in the foyer for last 5 years.

This Summer, in conjunction with New Growth Press, they have just put out 21 new titles:
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Here's some info copied from their press release:
The booklets are designed for use in a variety of settings. Pastors and counselors are encouraged to utilize them in conjunction with regular counseling sessions. The concise format, affordable price, and contemporary, compelling cover art make these materials ideally suited for the check-out area or gospel tract section of a bookstore or a free display in a church lobby. "So many of the issues addressed in this series are associated with deep shame, and many people haven't yet summoned the courage to talk to someone about their problems," Teears reflects. "The simple act of reading a booklet can be the first step toward confronting and dealing with their sin."

Though each of the 21 topics included in the scope of this series was chosen to speak directly to known issues within the body of Christ, several are of particular need in churches today.
In an era in which divorce has become as common within the body of Christ as in the secular world, the release of Divorce Recovery by Winston T. Smith could not be better timed. Smith offers biblical advice on how to forgive an ex-spouse, help children cope with divorce, and begin the process of starting over again. He also explores the biblical issues surrounding remarriage.
Single Parents by Robert T. Jones speaks directly to the needs of a growing segment within the church population who often feel out of place and marginalized by the rest of the congregation. Jones instructs single Single Parents - by Robert T. Jonesparents to embrace their identity as Christians rather than attempt to fit in either the "singles" or "parents" categories. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding their single parent status-whether they are divorced, widowed, or have never been married-readers will be encouraged to discover that God's heart breaks for the widow and the fatherless, and he has extended some special promises just for them.
Every parent-whether they are single or married-will experience moments when their children push them to the limit. How Do I Stop Losing It with My Kids? by William P. Smith offers readers a new perspective on effective discipline. The booklet examines the real reasons parents often lose control of their own emotions when dealing with misbehavior and reveals the most effective methods of winning a child's heart. This ultra-compact guidebook delivers specific, workable suggestions for frazzled parents.
Unfortunately, when adults lose control, children are often the ones who pay the price. For anyone who has ever suffered from verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, David Powlison's Recovering from Child Abuse presents an encouraging message: Abuse is not the last word of your life story. God is at work in you, and he can Recovering from Child Abuse - David Powlisonredeem even the most painful and unfair moments of your life to accomplish his purpose for you. Because the formative nature of child abuse causes deep wounds that often carry over into adulthood, the booklet includes practical strategies that will help abuse victims learn to trust others again, release bitterness, build healthy sexual relationships with their spouses, discipline their own children in appropriate, loving ways, and learn to deal with conflict.
This one: Jones, Single Parents: Daily Grace for the Hardest Job is written by my friend and former EFCA Allegheny District pastor, Robert Jones (author of Uprooting Anger).

I can't wait to get my hands on these and put them in others' hands!