Thursday, September 20, 2012

Silent on Sex? A problem in the church.

John Freeman of Harvest USA, a ministry promoting gospel-centered healing for sexual brokenness, pens a passionate plea for the church to talk more about sex.

I remembered talking to a church’s prayer team years earlier. They had been praying with people for more than ten years at a weekly intercessory healing prayer meeting. One leader said to me, “John, we’ve prayed with people about marriage issues, problems with children, job losses, interpersonal conflicts, and crises of faith and other personal problems, but never has someone come for prayer about anything of a sexual nature, not once.” 
I was shocked. The numbers of those struggling with pornography, same-sex attractions and sexual addictions are increasing daily. Add in family members affected and impacted by someone they love dealing with sexual brokenness, and it is clear this is a huge problem in the church today.

And that kicks off a 10 point series of why the church has been so silent, which I am looking forward to reading.

I'm sure of one reason -- the prevailing story is that the church talks too much about sex, and that we're against it. Not true of course, but there is truth in it.  We've often talked about sex in the wrong way--not as a good thing designed by God yet capable of great disfigurement.

But the church can't afford to be silent.  I'm glad that ministries like Harvest USA exist, and they spur me on to lead our church in lovingly speaking out on this tanglely subject.

More to come.