Thursday, October 04, 2012

Blogs I Read: Justin Taylor's "Between Two Worlds"

Our new feature kicks off with an old blog: Justin Taylor's Between Two Worlds.

I've been reading JT's blog since 2004, I think that might have been the year he started.  (I may have read (or scanned, at least) every post he's done.)

Most Christians who read blogs are somewhat familiar with his JT's, though it has moved in recent years from blogger to The Gospel Coalition's website.  I have pointed towards it again and again.

But it's famous for a reason. Justin writes carefully, for edification, with passion, and with a head and heart shaped by the gospel.  He has consistently acted as model blogger for Christians.

In future weeks, I'll introduce you to newer names--but this one has been really good for a long time (in blogging years).  Justin has been one of my heroes, examples, and inspirations for what a blog can be.