Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blogs I Read: Matt Perman's "What's Best Next"

Matt Perman helps me to figure out what to do.

He's a strategy kind of guy (the former "director of strategy at Desiring God") and is always thinking about how to best utilize the time, energy, and resources the Lord has given us. That's why his blog is called "What's Best Next" -- he's all about helping Christians to prioritize.

That doesn't come easy for me. I have to work at it.

Over the years, I have developed a system that seems to work for me (loosely based on David Allen's Getting Things Done), but Matt's blog-posts are always challenging me to improve that.

What I love most about Matt's writings, however, is that he is maximizing effectiveness FOR the sake of Christ and His mission for us. His is not a nebulous pragmatism but a gospel-centered approach to organization and productivity.

To see what I mean, read these "foundational" posts of his:

Matt often says things I don't expect to hear (and I'm not sure I always agree), but I'm always helped by them, and often very encouraged.

I never thought much about being a "knowledge worker," until I was into it a few years and buried under a pile of filing, to-do-lists and ineffective planning.  But I'm glad to now have a Christ-following guide.

I'm looking forward to his book, that is due out soon, but until then I highly recommended blog, especially if you want to be an productive and effective Christian on mission for the Lord.


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