Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blogs I Read: Steve Sorenson's "Everyday Hunter"

And now for something completely different!

My friend Steve Sorsenson is an EFCA pastor, but his blog isn't normally about church, spirituality, theology, pastoral ministry, or anything like that.

Steve is also an outdoor writer, and writes a regular column called Everyday Hunter. At Steve's blog, if there is a review, it isn't about a Christian book, it's about a hunting knife or a book on how to cook venison. He writes about hunting, the science of deer management, the politics of hunting, and appreciation of the great outdoors.

This week's installment is How to Inoculate Yourself Against Buck Fever which every hunter can identify with. 

If you pay close attention, however, you'll find that Steve is talking about the Lord--his faith permeates everything he does, including enjoying his outdoor world.

Our men's ministry has asked Steve to speak at our Wild Game Dinner this coming February. Most readers know that I'm a very raw rookie when it comes to hunting in general but Steve is an old hand.  I'm looking forward to hearing him teach.