Friday, June 07, 2013

Sinful Sarcasm

I'm preparing to preach a message this weekend on words that tear down and fight with others, and I was reminded of this excellent little insightful article by Lindsey Carlson: Battling Sinful Sarcasm:

Sarcasm has always come naturally to me. It is often the way I communicate love to those I feel the most comfortable around. The better I know you, the more I enjoy joking around. Innocent quips are my kind of hug.
If my sarcasm always felt like a loving and innocent hug, there'd be no reason to question my heart's motives. But when my humor feels more like a slap in the face, when people don't "get" my sarcasm, and my jokes leave behind a wake of wounded brothers and sisters, I'm forced to dig a little deeper and face the facts.
I appreciate how she differentiates between loving playfulness and sinful sarcasm. The latter she nails as "lighthearted hatred." Ouch. I needed to hear that.

Lindsey gives 3 great diagnostic questions to know when you've crossed the line and applies the gospel to the problem.
Brothers and sisters, let's not sarcastically banter our way out of relationships with one another. Let's keep humor funny and sin mournful. May we steward our humor by the grace of God and keep our sarcasm from masking unholy heart attitudes.
Amen.  Read the whole thing.