Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stephen Altrogge on "Killing People on Facebook"

Stephen Altrogge posted today on "Are You Killing People on Facebook?"
My words have the power to impart life to someone or to kill them. Death and life are in the power of the tongue and the status update and the photo and the text message. Every word I speak or type carries enormous life-giving or life-stealing potential. Words aren’t neutral. Status updates aren’t innocent. The words we speak and type and text today reverberate into eternity.
I don't think that Christians think enough about this. Stephen says:
Imagine how careful I would be if every time I spoke a small burst of flame came out of my mouth! I would speak ever so carefully. But often I’m not careful about the words I post. I don’t see them as explosive. Consuming. Flaming. 
Stephen closes with some great questions to ask ourselves before we push "POST," including this question that touches on gossip:
Will what I’m saying have a damaging effect on someone else’s reputation in a way that is unfair to them and doesn’t give them the chance to represent themselves?
 Read the whole thing.